MY Story



“Hayley is delightfully all about food! Her passion and love of good food started in her cradle and before she could read she could cook. Her Mom, Grandmother and aunt recognised her enthusiasm for all things kitchen and by their loving and generous actions nurtured and guided her on a food journey that has no end. From school level, to now, via Cape Town, Melrose Arch, London and Rosebank she has been on an adventure of taste, flavour and tang – what started as a nibble and a bite has blossomed into a bold and discerning palate which Hayley shares with love and generosity.” Dawn Rottanburg.

When I think about the beginning of my food journey I am instantly taken back to my childhood, everyone in the kitchen while my mom and granny are preparing for Rosh Hashanah, I remember the craziness of getting everything ready for the hundred people we were expecting for the first day lunch that would be hosted at our home. From homemade kichel and herrings be it chopped, Danish or creamed, the bottles were all lined up and ready to go, tasting for perfection, a little more vinegar, a pinch of salt and most importantly always the need for a little more sugar.....

For me this is where it all began.

My mother and Aunty Phyllis had an amazing little catering business which sparked my interest and indulged the passion, with their guidance they helped inspire and nurture my love for creating food with beauty and soul.

My food is influenced by my Jewish heritage, I believe that food must tell a story, presentation and appearance is 90% of the taste!! And beautiful food leaves a perfect imprint, that always ignites special memories in the minds of those that have had the pleasure of experiencing it.